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About us

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TheyConnect was born out of our shared belief that every person deserves to feel like they belong, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, age, ability or faith.

TheyConnect is our love letter to humanity.

Our love letter to you.

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Hank and Polly

Co-Founders, TheyConnect
Polly and Hank are standing side by side, smiling and looking at the camera. Polly has her arms folded, Hank is holding onto the sides of their white jacket.

Our vision

For LGBTQIA+ people to feel safe, seen and celebrated everywhere.

Our mission

To equip brands to authentically connect with LGBTQIA+ communities.

Our values

We've set out to be global leaders in inclusive marketing. The values of our company serve as an anchor, guiding our team, and shaping our work.

A photo of Hank looking at the camera smiling. They are wearing a blue and yelow floral shirt with pearls around their neck. Their arms are folded. The photo has been cropped in the shape of the TheyConnect logo.

Hank Paul, they/them

Rom-com reader, advocate, big-picture thinker, all-round lover of fried potatoes.

Hank makes the most of their 32 hours in the day, holding multiple roles as an LGBTQIA+ advocate, social entrepreneur, writer, podcaster and public speaker (not to mention an award-winning photographer). Having been their own boss since they were 18, Hank has worked at the forefront of social impact and inclusion, delivering broadly across business and LGBTQIA+ sectors. With their unique perspective and passion for inclusion, Hank continues to inspire and captivate business leaders around the world.

A photo of Polly smiling, looking at the camera. She is wearing a black shirt, and has long, red hair falling down on how shoulders. The photo has been cropped in the shape of the TheyConnect logo.

Polly Parker, she/her

Live music queen, strategic marketer, cat parent and surprisingly outdoorsy for her pale complexion.

Polly has navigated the corporate world with a flair of colour (and data-driven results) for some of the largest brands in Australia. Combining strategic marketing expertise with driving positive change, Polly brings marketing muscle to TheyConnect, using her skills in strategy, brand building, and campaign communications to advance your brand's marketing objectives. In all aspects of life, Polly is a passionate advocate for equality, diversity, and championing the rights of marginalised communities.

Our approach to inclusion

Why be inclusive?

Every person’s life, perspectives and identities are unique.

We see a world where everyone feels safe, seen and celebrated for who they are, regardless of their identities. A world where nuance, complexity and the beautiful spectrum of humanity is embraced..

Labels like race, religion, ability, gender and sexuality help us articulate the differences and commonalities in our identities.

Inclusion doesn't ignore these identities, rather it celebrates them.

Inclusion empowers everyone to embrace their authentic self.

Inclusion liberates and enriches us all.

Inclusion creates a world where everyone feels safe, seen and celebrated for who they are.

What is inclusive marketing?

Inclusive marketing emboldens and celebrates people from all walks of life. TheyConnect works with, and within, a wide array of LGBTQIA+ communities to ensure authentic representation. We live by the principle “nothing about us with us”.

Inclusive marketing relies on progress, not perfection. TheyConnect will work with any brand that genuinely wants to progress in their inclusive marketing initiatives. We don’t shame people for making mistakes or sticking with the status quo. Rather, we bring people on the journey. 

Inclusive marketing takes time, innovation and genuine community engagement. For this reason, TheyConnect celebrates any and all progress brands make in “inclusifying” their marketing.

Inclusive marketing makes spaces safer for everyone; marginalised communities and allies alike. TheyConnect ensures its team and network have intercultural competence to foster psychologically safer environments.

Inclusive marketing is collaborative. Diverse perspectives make marketing and advertising more effective and authentic. TheyConnect builds relationships with other marketers, inclusion experts and communities to deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Inclusive marketing can always be improved. At TheyConnect, we know we have more to learn and we always will. In our approach to inclusion, we keep our hearts and minds open to learning better ways of being inclusive.